Quality Control


Testing and inspection begin even before the manufacturing process takes place. We start with an incoming inspection of our raw materials. For example, copper rods from our supplier are checked for the proper grade, diameter and elongation. A visual inspection is also carried out to uncover any physical defects.

Quality checks continue throughout the manufacturing process, comprising both manual and automated tests. Manual tests are performed by QC controllers on semi-finished products between each manufacturing stage. Automated tests employ electronic instruments that monitor measurements within the manufacturing process itself, such as laser scanning diameter gauges and spark testers which are placed along the extrusion line.

An outgoing inspection is then carried out on all finished products. Here, the cables are checked for the correct number of copper wires, sufficient wire diameter, proper insulation thickness, conductor resistance and insulation resistance among a myriad of other tests.

Tensile & Elongation Tester
Flexibility Tester
Molding Test Press
Geer Aging Oven